Case Studies

Using Voice Of Customer Software to Test Promotional Strategy



When it comes to your company's promotional strategy, it's not worth taking an educated guess or relying on historical figures you think will work. In today's competitive landscape, retail leaders must turn to predictable, forward-looking data.

An apparel retailer wanted to understand which promotional strategy best resonated with their targeted consumer from a visual and messaging standpoint. They also wanted to test how messaging appealed to different personas so digital offerings could be served based on the promotions that appealed to a particular segment.


Different promotional messages and images were tested using First Insight's Brand Experience Management tools. The tests captured demographic data such as age, gender, and region so the retailer could better understand their different audiences and customer segments.
Promotional Testing


The retailer used the feedback and data collected to determine the winning promotional messaging to take forward. The data were segmented based on the different customer personas collected in the test. The retailer used two promotional messages tailored to customers they knew would respond favorably. 

The campaigns boosted revenue by 5% compared to the average revenue generated through past promotional messaging. 

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