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According to a recent First Insight study, only 1 in 20 retail emails is relevant to the customer.1 

What are you doing to make your offers exciting to your customer?

Where is your marketing missing the mark?

  • One size fits all marketing tactics are outdated
  • Age and gender data is just the tip of the iceberg
  • Creating accurate, actionable personas requires a deeper dive into the data

With First Insight’s InsightTargeting you capture data that allows you to build accurate personas that reflect real-time customer preferences.

  • Develop deeper understanding of individual customers
  • Generate more profitable assortments by customer type, channel, and geography
  • Create relevant, personalized offers across your target demographics

This is how marketers can reach today’s customer with messaging placed front and center.

Want to learn more? See how First Insight is changing the game for marketers across the globe.

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1. The consumer retail survey polled 1,112 consumers across the United States regarding their thoughts about the marketing emails they receive from retailers and their impact. The survey was conducted on line
between October 12 and November 5, 2015. The margin of error is +/- 2.86 percent. The survey was conducted to avoid peak retail seasonal promotion periods.