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Planning & Allocation

Retailers and manufacturers lose billions each year due to poor forecasting and incorrect buy quantities.

According to a research study conducted by IHL Group, this is a $1.1+ trillion problem globally

Some of the challenges facing planners today, when determining how much to buy, include:

  • Stock outs on winning products
  • Margin erosion due to excess inventory and markdowns
  • Difficulties accurately forecasting price over the lifecycle of the product

Discover how First Insight’s forward-looking consumer data takes the guesswork out of the equation for planners:

First Insight gives you actionable consumer-driven data to significantly increase your forecast accuracy. By integrating this information into your planning system, you can add the Voice of the Customer to your historical and trend data to create more profitable and efficient assortment plans.

Find out how retailers and brands across the globe are saving money with First Insight.

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