76% of marketers don't know their customers well enough to send them offers they can't refuse. Do You?

Start the Conversation

When it comes to talking to your customers, one size never fits all. You shouldn't expect them all to react the same way to the same message.


Get to know your customers and their needs and learn how create messaging that drives a purchase.

Identify Products
Identify the specific products that will resonate the most with each customer segment.

Determine Pricing
Determine optimal pricing and promotional strategies for these products.

Answer Questions
Answer strategic questions about your customers, such as how they perceive your brand, why they buy, and where and how they shop. 

Get Closer to Your Customers

Capture valuable customer demographic information through customized surveys and response options.

Match Products to Customer Segments

Easily visualize which products
resonate with your target audience.

Targeted Marketing Made Easy - Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Make the Right Offer - To the Right Person - At the Right Price

Traditional marketing profiles have defined the target consumer for more than half a century - poorly. Now, with the help of InsightTargeting, Marketers have a much better way of targeting current and potential customers.

InsightTargeting allows marketers to gain a better understanding of buyer personas by leveraging consumer insights on their products and integrating this data with additional data sources to identify and thoroughly profile customer segments.