Arming The Merchant Prince with Data

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Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 10.14.48 AMThe apparel industry is hyper-focused on data and how to use it in decision making to eclipse the capabilities of gut feel. But the reality is, it’s not one or the other. Both creativity and data must work hand in hand in order to deliver the product consumers want in the time frame in which they’re demanding it.

Sourcing Journal founder and president Edward Hertzman sat down with First Insight’s CEO Greg Petro and veteran merchant executive Andrew Clarke to discuss how data can help product developers and suppliers improve accuracy and speed.

And thanks to the internet, the pressure’s on.

If shoppers see something on a celeb one day, they want to wear it the next. That instant gratification can’t happen with long lead times and layers of decision making. Clarke credits data with allowing his fast-fashion teams to pick up on consumer demand earlier and more accurately, enabling him to slash timelines from weeks to days.

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