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Our InsightSuite for Small Business solution is designed to empower growing businesses with predictive analytics that were previously out-of-reach for businesses lacking years of historic sales data.

Who We Help

From businesses with a small assortment of products to digitally native brands in emerging markets, our tools help retailers and brands take their business to the next level and compete with large industry leaders.


Unparalleled Value Delivery and Lowest Total Cost Provider

Our industry-leading platform takes your retail operations from reactive to proactive. Fill out the form to learn how InsightSUITE empowers you to create products, brands, and customer experiences that drive growth.


The Ultimate Growth Hack

InsightSuite for Small Business is quite possibly the most impactful improvement that a growing business can make. We can eliminate the need for in-store testing while improving accuracy in sales forecasts.

Your business can decrease costs and development time while increasing confidence in your product success, price-points, markdown cadences and sell-through. First Insight can also help you reduce waste and avoid risky products with the help of Voice of the Customer predictive tools.

  • First Insight utilizes real-time data analytics and customer feedback to optimize product assortments.
  • Optimize buy depths to maximize sales, margin, and inventory efficiency.
  • Let your customers or our 100,000,000+ respondents help define your assortment and fill your inventory with products they WANT to buy.
  • Improve sell-in and reduce reliance on in-store testing.

Highest Demonstrated ROI. Guaranteed.

Unparalleled Value Delivery and Lowest Total Cost Provider

First Insight’s offering for small and emerging businesses is the quick, easy and affordable way to create unique, differentiated products that your customer wants, at the right price.

80% Improve Product Success Rates by up to 80%
24 Hours Actionable Results In as Little as 24 Hours
25% Reduce Markdowns by Up to 25%
5 Months Get to Market 4-5 Months Faster

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Small Business Success Stories

For over 10 years, we have been helping small and medium sized businesses succeed with InsightSuite. Hear from some of our customers and review our case studies below to learn more.


We’ve found that the First Insight tools not only provide us with the confidence we need to make better, more informed product development and design decisions, but they also give retailers more assurance in working with us.

Ray Stewart, Vice President of Sales

First Insight testing has been a big success. The items that score high are the items we buy heavy and they sell very well to the retailer. More importantly, those items also have had some of the highest sell-throughs to the end customer.

Mark Higgins, Senior Director of Digital Business Development

Proven Business Impact from Real Customers

The Challenge

A shoe buyer wanted to understand how to price and buy a new bootie that they were planning to offer in several colors. Prices were set at $10 increments and they wanted to optimize full-price sell-through at 60%

The Solution

Tested the new bootie across all the color options.Utilized Elasticast analysis across all the different colors to determine the optimal price point for the group based on target sell-thru percentage.

The Result

Most colors showed full-price sell-through close to 60% at $149. They modified their buy depths per color based on Value Scores and % sell-thru vs. the 60% target.

This style was the season’s top performer (regardless of color)

  • Increased buy by 3,300 pairs
  • Strong sell-through
  • No additional markdowns
graphic_shoes graphic_graph

Demand by Price Point

The Challenge

A retailer wanted to know if adding stuffing to a soft-sided, luggage bag would add value when marketing the product in- store. Currently, the bag was shown online with the stuffing so one could get a sense of how large the bag was when fully loaded.

The Solution

By leveraging the insight of our respondents and our predictive tools, the retailer was able to explore the impact that a stuffed bag would have on sales. Test items were either an unstuffed bag or a stuffed bag. Additional cost associated with stuffing the bag was factored in as well at an increase of 0.25% per bag.

The Result

The soft-sided luggage bag, when stuffed, had a predicted average unit retail price 16.4% higher, compared to the unstuffed bag, a 45000x ROI vs. the cost of the stuffing.


Unstuffed Bag


Stuffed Bag

Webinar Clip

Information is Power: Using Data to Drive Sell-in and New Product Success

Mark Higgins, Senior Director of Digital Business Development at Deer Stags & Gretchen Jezerc, SVP of Marketing at First Insight, discuss how incorporating the voice of the customer into product development is enabling Deer Stags to sell-in more products to their retail partners by leveraging data-driven pricing methodologies and maximizing sell-through using predictive analytics.

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Dan Post Boot Camp: Digital Product Testing Drives Speed, Sell-in and New Style Success

Learn from Stephanie Greenfield, Managing Director of Product Development at Dan Post Boot Company, how the iconic western brand is leveraging digital product testing and the Voice of the Customer to get to market faster with winning new styles.

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