Gen Z: Your Greatest Retail Opportunity or Biggest Threat?

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In fact, this demographic is willing to spend 10% more on sustainable products, according to First Insight.

With Generation Z consumers potentially providing a huge opportunity for retailers, Attensi’s Madeleine Porter takes a look at how to cash in on retail’s newest shoppers.

Shaping the future of retail 

Generation Z is hitting the high street – and they know what they want from their shopping experience. 

Born between 1997 and 2012, the digital native generation has come of age with a bulging bank balance to boot. According to the Bank of America, their income will hit $33trn by 2031 – surpassing millennials’ income. 

But to get in with Gen Z, your brand has got to resonate with them. As Attensi UK managing director Krister Kristiansen highlights: “Gen Z got their first smartphone when they were 12 years old – during their formative years – and they speak a different language. 

“Retailers who speak their language will succeed both in converting them into customers and employees.” 



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