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AI anxiety is real for executives. With a whopping 54% of retailers still using historical data, it's time to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself: Are you willing to lose profits due to outdated tech? Don’t miss this exchange of ideas with retail powerhouses - the former CEO of rue21, the CIO of J. Crew Group, and the CEO of First Insight.

Join the experts in a roundtable discussion presented by WWD and Sourcing Journal as they explore the groundbreaking impact of technology in the retail industry. Learn firsthand how J.Crew is giving their customer a seat at the table to drive profitability to new heights.  Discover how rue21 achieved profitability growth by prioritizing customer needs and fully embracing the potential of AI technology.

If you’re still relying on gut instincts to make decisions, you're leaving money on the table. As Greg Petro says, “Get out of your own way.” It’s time to buckle up and start relying on data to push digital transformation forward.

Ready for some retail wisdom?

Read the full article or watch the video at Sourcing Journal  to learn from the experts about mastering the art of harnessing data with AI and technology!


Michael Appel
Managing Director & Head of Retail Practice
Getzler Henrich & Associates

Danielle Schmelkin

Greg Petro
First Insight


Lauren Parker
SJ Studio

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