First Insight Launches New Mobile App to Optimize Assortment Building and Rationalization

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Pittsburgh, PA— January 4, 2024 —First Insight, Inc., a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) retail solutions, announced today the launch of My INSIGHT App, a powerful assortment building and rationalization tool for merchants, designers, planners and others who already use InsightSUITE. My INSIGHT brings users closer to their target consumers and accelerates their learning and decision cycles in a private environment so they can enter line reviews better prepared, armed to make better, faster, data-driven decisions.

“We are very excited to launch the My INSIGHT App so the Retailers and Brands we serve can understand their consumers more quickly and be better prepared for line building decisions,” said Greg Petro, CEO, First Insight. “Merchants are very busy and competitive. They want to know how their point of view aligns with their target consumers so they can build winning assortments, and they want to do it whenever and wherever they are. We now enable that flexibility and speed, and we are making it fun to do in an app that feels more like a game than work.”

Insight Suite provides forward-looking recommendations across 5 decision areas, based on consumer inputs. It provides actionable insights and business impacts across decision categories, including Strategy & Planning; Design, Merchandising & Sourcing; Supply Chain; and Marketing & Selling. The My INSIGHT App enables merchants and other InsightSUITE users to make selection decisions on a published Insight, privately, quickly, and easily, using a “swipe left / swipe right” approach. Users can then compare their choices with those of target consumers. Points are awarded per user and shown on a scoreboard to compare utilization with team members if the company executive decides to enable that feature.

The My INSIGHT App provides a range of benefits during the assortment building phase:

  • Faster Decision-Making – immediate notification of consumer results – no need to wait for an Insight results review or slide deck to start getting prepared and formulate your plan before the line review.
  • Better Understanding – simple framework provides quick comparison of personal vs. consumer rankings, allowing each user to filter personal point of view, while emphasizing managerial judgement.
  • Objective Teamwork – private, per Insight decisions and correlation to consumers’ inputs reduce likelihood of “group-think” and biased team inputs based on what the leading manager might say.
  • Collaboration – all Line Review attendees can assess the assortment, compare their thoughts with target consumers, and be better prepared before the line review making meetings more efficient and effective.
  • Faster Line Reviews – My INSIGHT helps the team move from just opinions to informed points of view while leaving modifications and optimizations to be discussed.

Major retailers and brands around the world have improved their product success rates, line productivity, inventory levels, and margins by optimizing their decisions about next season’s items with first-hand feedback from their target consumers. Unlike other market data sources and research tools that leverage historical and current information to predict high-level trends, demand, and pricing, InsightSUITE digitally engages targeted consumers and provides actionable, predictive decision-making data within a day.

InsightSUITE puts the customer at the center of every retail decision -- from strategic planning and forecasting, to product, pricing, planning, and marketing decisions – providing quantifiable improvements in sales and margins.

My INSIGHT will be available in the coming month for free on a limited basis to InsightSUITE customers via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Current customers can contact First Insight for additional use and configuration information. Potential customers can contact First Insight for additional information and demonstrations.

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