2022 Retail Forecast: Pricing, Inventory Bubble, Shopping Seamlessly And Consumer Experience

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As we peer into 2022 with a lot of pandemic baggage there is a lot to be left behind. I believe we would be well served to focus on these four key events to anticipate in the year ahead.

The Price Better Be Right. After two years of chaos and disruption, year three of the pandemic (and the last, we hope) is forecasted by experts to start with a post-holiday hangover. Given the confluence of current events, a recession seems inevitable.

Pricing will become a top management preoccupation.
The new year begins with consumer sentiment in the dumps, at a ten-year low, according to a recent University of Michigan report. Inflation is hitting where it hurts most — gas, housing, and food. There are plenty of jobs but the 2020 savings and home equity bonanza has been played out. The lion’s share of those “excess savings” has been spent, according to a fresh report from the JPMorgan Chase Institute.

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