Even the Luxury World Must Listen to Its Customers

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LVMH launched its own “OK, Boomer” salvo with Tiffany & Co.’s new Gen Z-focused advertising campaign. The images show a young woman wearing Tiffany’s biggest-selling category, sterling silver jewelry, above the tagline, “Not Your Mother’s Tiffany.” The 184-year old American doyenne of luxury has been given a more youthful—and definitely more European makeover in the first ad campaign under its new French owners.

The campaign caused quite a stir across social media, with many wondering why Tiffany would choose to alienate its bread and butter consumer.

The Business of Fashion stated, “The campaign tackles the brand’s strengths and weaknesses head-on: namely that its signature color and links to mid-century pop culture figures like Audrey Hepburn have, for decades, compelled people to buy engagement rings and sterling silver necklaces. But those brand signatures aren’t resonating as strongly with young consumers.”

Loyal consumers were unhappy.

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