Retailers Must Meet Consumers at the Intersection of Safety and Convenience

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With the majority of the country open for business amid rising numbers of Coronavirus cases, conversation has turned to how to provide customers with safe shopping environments that are also convenient. A recent survey from Coresight Research showed that two-thirds of consumers plan to continue avoiding public places after restrictions end, with shopping centers top on the list of places they won’t go. This has impacted how stores view everything from online versus in-store shopping to trying products and is even testing the utility and necessity of stores themselves.

Consumers are also more willing to try new shopping models than they have been before. A recent study by McKinsey forecast that organizations that can quickly reimagine their omnichannel approach to create a distinctive customer experience will recover faster from the pandemic. The study also found that digital-first and omnichannel retailers have been able to pivot more easily than those that prioritized physical stores and face-to-face engagement.

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