Retail and healthcare, two very different industries, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, consumer expectations from both categories are not that far apart.

Prior to the Coronavirus, both industries had unlimited technology innovations at their fingertips. There were endless platforms and tools that would bring them closer to their consumers. Yet both showed little momentum toward innovation as consumer expectation for digital innovation was still marginal.

Fast-forward one pandemic and six months later, and you see stark differences between the two industries. I’ve previously written about the retail and healthcare industries’ convergence; let’s take a look at how healthcare moved forward at a much faster rate of innovation. Instead of holding firm to in-person brick and mortar models that would likely have bankrupted the industry, healthcare at long last embraced a new digital and virtual model, building stronger relationships with patients through a virtual, data-centric approach.

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COVID as Catalyst


Emerging Stronger With Customer-Centric Digitalization

Learn how Wolverine Worldwide is viewing the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst to strengthen their digital foundations.

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