The Zoom Effect: Revlon vs. Crocs

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After eight long months of pandemic living, it’s not surprising that most companies have lost sight of who their customer is, or the kind of experience they should offer. I mean, do you even know who you are anymore? The pandemic has shaken once reliable market segmentation models to the core. Generation, geographic, psychographic values and behavior have fractured and the fragments are in a constant state of flux, shifting and rejoining in new, different and unpredictable ways.

With customer behaviors changing dramatically and rapidly, companies hoping to have any chance of connecting with customers must anticipate where they are headed, not respond to where they landed.

While there are certainly many variables as to why, one of the largest drivers is the fact that people are home more. Remote work and Zoom, which has taken the place of in-person meetings, are driving a monumental shift that has sent a ripple redefining every segment.

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