Sourcing Journal: How Data Helped rue21 Avoid Becoming a Retail Cautionary Tale


When rue21 filed for Chapter 11 in 2017, the fast fashion retailer was in danger. They needed a quick turnaround strategy, and employed First Insight’s predictive analytics and artificial intelligence for retail platform to help. Rue21 quickly realized that they had lost sight of their customer, and 93% of their in-store product tests had been failures.

By leveraging First Insight’s retail analytics, rue21 has greatly improved their product success rates and now deliver products their customers want to buy. Watch the business case study video, How Data Helped rue21 Avoid Becoming a Retail Cautionary Tale, featuring First Insight CEO Greg Petro and rue21 CEO Michael Appel, hosted by president and founder of Sourcing Journal Edward Hertzman to learn how data and retail predictive analytics helped rue21 succeed in its quick turnaround.

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