First Insight Inc. Unveils My Insight App, a Tool for Retail Assortment Planning and Building

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Women's Wear Daily Mentions First Insight | First Insight Inc. Unveils My Insight App, a Tool for Retail Assortment Planning and Building

First Insight Inc., a leader in voice of the customer (VoC) retail solutions, has launched “My Insight App,” which the company described as “a powerful assortment building and rationalization tool for merchants, designers, planners and others who already use InsightSuite.”

The company said in a statement that it’s My Insight App is designed to bring users “closer to their target consumers and [accelerate] their learning and decision cycles in a private environment so they can enter line reviews better prepared, armed to make better, faster, data-driven decisions.”

Greg Petro, chief executive officer of First Insight, said the app is designed for retailers and brands to “understand their consumers more quickly and be better prepared for line building decisions.”

Traditional assortment planning and building is time consuming. And there are often disconnects between what is merchandised and what shoppers really want to buy.

“Merchants are very busy and competitive,” Petro said. “They want to know how their point of view aligns with their target consumers so they can build winning assortments, and they want to do it whenever and wherever they are. We now enable that flexibility and speed, and we are making it fun to do it in an app that feels more like a game than work.”

First Insight said the app provides “forward-looking recommendations across five decision areas, based on consumer inputs.” This includes strategy and planning, design, merchandising and sourcing, pricing, supply chain and marketing and selling.

The company said InsightSuite “puts the customer at the center of every retail decision — from strategic planning and forecasting, to product, pricing, planning and marketing decisions — providing quantifiable improvements in sales and margins.”

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