First Insight Introduces New Platform

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Leave the gun. Take the marketing software.

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First Insight has been channeling its inner Vito Corleone, as the solutions provider today announced a new platform it says provides insight into offers customers can't refuse.

InsightTargeting is the newest addition to the InsightSuite platform, and First Insight claims that it's the “first solution to integrate statistically driven customer segmentation analytics with highly accurate predictive insights to create products and offers that will be the most appealing to customers.... As a result, companies are more likely to make offers customers can't refuse—driving higher offer conversion rates and increased sales."


According to a press release, the solution combines marketers' data from CRM and social platforms with predictive analytics to help retailers better understand and target key audiences. As a result, companies are more likely to offer deals that customers can't refuse, which, of course, leads to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

“There's a 5x difference in response rates between a so-so marketing campaign and one that knocks it out of the park,” said Greg Petro, president and CEO of First Insight, in the release. With InsightTargeting, retailers and brands craft tailored offers based on First Insight's predictive product preference and pricing data from their target customer segments to drive loyalty and higher conversion.”

First Insight also said that InsightTargeting “is the only solution that enables marketers to identify which products and prices will resonate the most with specific customer segments, providing retailers and brands with the forward-looking data they need to make key marketing decisions.”

InsightTargeting aims to keep marketing teams from sleeping with the fishes; just don't ask it for any favors on the occasion of its daughter's wedding.

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