Next-Gen XM: Improve the Success of your Future Customer, Product, Brand and Employee Experiences

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Customer Experience Management

A positive experience can build the foundation of meaningful customer engagement and keep customers coming back - which ultimately drives sales. First Insight’s Next-Generation Experience Management platform can help transform how businesses make decisions about future initiatives. With today’s constantly changing consumer, solutions that help retailers and brands improve the success rate of future customer, product, brand and employee experiences are table stakes, not a nice-to-have.

First Insight’s Voice-of-the-Customer and Digital Testing Platform provides initiative-specific ROI metrics for decisions made about future initiatives.

From assessing changes to the customer journey brought about by COVID-19, to aligning branding initiatives with target segments and engaging high potential employees, First Insight is applying recent developments to help retailers, brands, consumer products companies, and other enterprises make better decisions about future initiatives. Through applying predictive analytics to voice-of-the-customer inputs, First Insight helps companies to go beyond product experience management, optimizing and measuring ROI and other financial results for specific experience management initiatives.

As the leader in Digital Product Testing, First Insight continues to evolve the solution to bring customers more value from the voice-of-the-customer, enabling more functional teams to quickly assess options and alternatives across the customer journey, as demanded by a rapidly changing environment. First Insight’s commitment to providing solutions to the retail industry remains strong, and the Next-Gen XM solution also expands First Insight’s offerings into new industry sectors including consumer products, travel, leisure and entertainment, automotive, and financial services.

The key to First Insight’s value creation is starting with identifying the business objectives and decisions to be made about future experiences so that very targeted and specific consumer engagements can be developed. Unlike other XM solutions or basic survey tools and customer data aggregation platforms that accumulate lots of unstructured data and primarily identify problem areas in their customers’ and employees’ experiences with existing offerings, First Insight’s platform and interactive dashboards provide actionable, predictive results about specific, potential solutions companies are considering or developing, based on customer feedback.

First Insight’s Next-Gen Experience Management Platform helps define future solutions, not just identify problems with current offerings. The platform addresses hundreds of different business decisions across the experience management spectrum, leveraging unique capabilities to improve the success rate and financial results of future experiences. To bring this to life, let's start with examples of value delivered through effective customer experiences. Here are some examples of customer experience decisions First Insight can help you optimize:

Customer Experience:
Companies need to be laser-focused on their target segments and pick the best options for multiple touchpoints across the customer journey as the market emerges from a pandemic environment -- from in-store and on-line experience, to advertising messaging, order fulfillment, product offering, promotions, and returns. First Insight’s InsightTARGETING provides predictive, per-target-segment results across all potential offering options, optimizing financial and operational performance with your target segments.

Here are examples from Marks & Spencer and Wolverine Worldwide on the importance of delivering the offerings and experiences consumers really want, with highlights that include how first impressions and product displays and promotion can drive greater sales.


In future blogs, First Insight will dive into the additional components of Next-Gen Experience Management including Product XM, Brand XM, and Employee XM, and how they drive engagement and business value.

Make better decisions about future initiatives and understand more through better listening. Schedule a demo to learn how First Insight can help you improve financial results from your future customer, product, brand and employee experience initiatives and help you achieve 80% higher new offering success rates and 10-15X ROI on XM initiatives.

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