More Than a Third of Men Want to Automate Their Shoe Shopping

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The subscription economy is booming, and it’s not just streaming services and grocery delivery that Americans are choosing to automate. A new study by location intelligence company Blis found that men in particular are eager to have an online retailer ship them shoes on a regular basis.

The 1,200-person survey, titled “Omnichannel Consumers Treading New Paths to Purchase,” looked at how today’s consumers shop across mobile web, mobile apps, desktop and in-store. Among the growing trends it revealed was an interest in subscription boxes, a finding echoed by a survey published earlier this week by First Insight, a merchandising technology company. In that study, 31% of U.S. millennials said they currently subscribed to at least one subscription box, versus 21% of Generation X and and 8% of baby boomers.

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