A Look Back at The Inaugural First Insight Course at FIT

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The month of June brings a lot of excitement - warm summer days, vacation and the completion of another school year for many students. It’s an exciting time for First Insight and the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) as we look back at the first successful semester of the First Insight certification course.

In December, First Insight and FIT announced the first-ever certification course to educate students on how to leverage predictive analytics in the design and merchandising of products. Fast forward to now, and we have successfully launched a full classroom of FIT students into the working world, with the skills to run the First Insight solution and to adequately interpret the results to make important decisions.

“Increasingly we are finding the retail industry gravitating towards the digital transformation of their businesses, and voice of the customer analytics are a big component of that,” said Robin Sackin, chair of the Fashion Business Management (FBM) program at FIT. “We’re grooming the retail merchants and planners of tomorrow, and having an understanding of this technology will set them up for success in the global fashion marketplace. I’m thrilled with what the students accomplished this semester, and look forward to what’s to come.”

In addition to gaining practical experience in the use of First Insight’s platform, students garnered enhanced knowledge of how data and predictive analytics can be used to launch new, successful products and increase gross profit margins. The certification is recognized by First Insight and by leaders throughout the retail industry as an indication that the student is prepared to use the solution in merchandising and planning roles.

“It was a privilege to participate in the inaugural First Insight course this past semester,” said Lauren Riddle, a student at FIT and participant in the course. “I recognize that merchants and planners are now backing their designs and decisions with data. The First Insight course has provided me with the confidence I need to implement the tool when I enter the job market. I’m extremely proud to show off my First Insight certificate.”

The course taught students how to gather data and apply analytics to make better-informed decisions about product design, selection and pricing. At the conclusion of the course, students were required to demonstrate proficiency in the use and application of the First Insight platform through a written test.

Given the initial success of the course, FIT will offer two options for students who are interested in becoming certified in the fall. First Insight is extremely proud to be helping to prepare the next generation of retail executives. We look forward to seeing continued success in the program and the future success of the students in their own careers.   

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