The Top 10 Retail Conferences You Need to Attend in 2023

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Retail conferences provide a wealth of information, resources, and networking opportunities that can help retailers stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry while learning how to apply them to their own businesses. In this article, you'll learn what these events have to offer and how to find them.

Why You Should Attend These Events

  1. Stay informed

    Retail conferences feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops that cover a wide range of topics, from the latest technologies to new marketing strategies. This can provide retailers with valuable insights into emerging trends and best practices while keeping them informed about the industry as a whole.

  2. Networking

    Conferences provide a great way for retailers to connect with other industry professionals and build valuable relationships. Attendees can learn from one another, share ideas, and make connections that can lead to new business opportunities and collaborations.
  1. Learning new skills

Many retail conferences offer workshops, training sessions, and certification opportunities. This is great for anyone looking to learn new skills, such as e-commerce strategy, data analytics, or store designs, that they can use to improve their business.

  1. Discover new products and services

    Many events host an expo floor with vendors showcasing new products and services. This can be a chance to find new solutions to common retail problems and explore ways to improve operations.

  2. Promote your brand

    Participating in a conference as a speaker or sponsor or even vendor can be a great way to get exposure for your brand and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.

Overall, retail events and conferences offer a unique opportunity for retailers to come together, learn from one another, and build valuable connections. It’s a time for them to step away from day-to-day operations and focus on the bigger picture and their overall business strategy. It can also serve as an inspiring event that can give new ideas and approaches to tackle the day-to-day challenges and look to the future.

Top Shows to Attend in 2023:

North America Retail Conferences

NRF 2023 Logo-2

Source: NRF

NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show

WHEN: January 14 – 17
WHERE: New York City, New York

Retail’s Big Show is one of the world’s largest retail conferences and a marketplace for innovation. The event allows retailers to forge new relationships and learn strategies from today’s biggest brands.

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Source: Victoriana Magazine

eTail – Palm Springs 2023

WHEN: February 27 – March 2
WHERE: Palm Springs, California

Want to transform retail and develop strategies to engage customers? Learn from some of America’s most successful retailers who will provide meaningful insights on how to transform omnichannel retailing.

Adobe Summit 2023 Logo-2Source: Martin Audio

Adobe Summit 2023 – The Digital Experience Conference

WHEN: March 21 – 23
WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada

Advertised as the ultimate experience, the Adobe Summit has over 200 sessions planned with plenty of networking event opportunities. Learn how to bring your unique skills, passions and interests into the digital economy. This event is available online for free for anyone that is unable to attend in person.
Shoptalk 2023 Logo-2Source: Shoptalk

Shoptalk 2023

WHEN: March 26 – 29
WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada

Shoptalk is the retail-marketing industry's leading event—the place where thousands of retail changemakers come together every year to create the future of retail. The Shoptalk agenda covers the latest technologies, trends, and business models, as well as the rapid transformation of what consumers discover, shop for and buy.

Retail Innovation 2023 Logo-3Source: Retail Innovation Conference

Retail Innovation Conference & Expo 2023

WHEN: June 13 – 15
WHERE: Chicago, Illinois

Visit the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo, which brings together 5,000+ retail professionals to learn the latest trends and innovations in the industry. The event includes three micro-conferences that are designed to provide focused value to different job roles and teams. It also consists of a huge array of interactive experiences and networking opportunities.

Europe Retail Conferences

Ecommerce Berlin 2023 Logo-1Source: Ecommerce Germany

eCommerce Berlin Expo

WHEN: February 23
WHERE: Berlin, Germany

This expo is focused on e-commerce service providers. It hosts 200 exhibitors and has 50 speakers, with 8,000+ participants attending each year.

Euroshop 2023 Logo-1Source: Kendu


WHEN: February 26 – March 2
WHERE: Düsseldorf, Germany

This is a great place to find innovative, cutting-edge technology that will help grow your business. Hundreds of companies will display their newest products at this conference as well as cover topics such as sustainability and customer-centricity.

World Retail Congress 2023 Logo-1Source: World Retail Congress

World Retail Congress 2023

WHEN: April 25 – 27
WHERE: Barcelona, Spain

This conference brings together some of the brightest minds in retail and out, including those from academia and politics. The event provides a high-level forum for retailers to learn, share knowledge, form meaningful relationships, and shape the future of global retail.

Futr Europe 2023 Logo-1Source: Futr Europe

FUTR Europe Summit 2023

WHEN: May 17
WHERE: London, UK

The Retail Innovation Expo is an annual event that brings together brands, retailers and e-commerce companies along with cutting-edge speakers. The event focuses on “fresh thinking and progressive change in the future of retail, marketing and commerce”.

Internet Retailing Expo 2023 Logo-1Source: Internet Retailing Expo

Internet Retailing Events – IRX & eDX 2023

WHEN: May 24 – 25
WHERE: Birmingham, UK

This is a great event for multichannel retailers, with hundreds of experienced speakers and practical workshops to attend. The conference brings together the world’s top retail executives to discuss important trends affecting e-commerce, technology, and multichannel commerce.

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