Consumers Love Sustainability, but Balk at Paying for It

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One of the hot topics among retail execs these days is how frustrating it is to effectively leverage intense consumer interest in sustainable practices and products.

One of the leading problems is that sustainability has become a branding swamp. 

Instead of building credibility, shoppers surveyed by First Insight increasingly tell us that the shouting match of marketing brags — about sourcing, content, recycling, and so on — is confusing. 

When it comes to clothing, 40% of shoppers recently surveyed by Fidelity International said they felt “poorly informed” about sustainability. They also reported being “highly interested” in knowing more about the labor and environmental practices of a brand before they buy. 

This is the grave new world of retailing.

It’s not enough to market the sex appeal of that flashy new line of footwear. Brands must be able to tell a convincing story:

  • Where do their goods come from?
  • How do they get here?
  • Who made them?
  • How were they made?
  • What materials were used?
  • What happens when they’re worn out?
  • Most importantly - why they’re better or worth more than competing brands?

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