“Inclusive” is the latest buzzword in retail, and most retailers and brands are trying to quickly adapt their styles and assortments to keep up with consumers’ evolving definition of what the word actually means. One thing is for certain: As the country becomes more diverse, it is no longer acceptable for brands to cater only to a specific size or body type, and consumer expectations have designers reaching beyond the norm into new categories and products in terms of size, culture, gender and sustainability. It is also expanding new revenue opportunities for retailers willing to invest as Millennials and Generation Z increasingly search out these categories.

 While this can all feel quite overwhelming, retailers and brands aligned with their customers should be defining what “inclusive” means for them. Here are a few considerations I’ve seen which are reshaping, so to speak, traditional retail. 

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COVID as Catalyst


Emerging Stronger With Customer-Centric Digitalization

Learn how Wolverine Worldwide is viewing the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst to strengthen their digital foundations.

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