Pandemic and In-Store Promotions: Younger Generations Don’t Need Them, Older Generations Don’t Want Them

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The benefits of youth have often been touted as resiliency, adaptability and optimism.  We are certainly seeing this play out in Gen Z and Millennial behavior across America right now. And this isn’t stopping short of where younger generations are shopping and how much they are buying.

Recent research is showcasing that Millennials and Generation Z are purchasing both online and in-store more often than other generations. As a comparison, 66 percent of Gen Z and 61 percent of Millennials are purchasing both online and in-store compared to only 37 percent of Baby Boomers who report shopping in both channels.

Generation Z is also the most likely to go in-store, according to another survey from June which found Gen Zers intend to shop in-store for personal and beauty care (71 percent), clothing (71 percent) and entertainment items (33 percent) once stores reopen. And 39 percent of Gen Z respondents said they are ready to return to in-store shopping right now.

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