Are Gap’s Face Masks The Start Of Retail Reinvention?

May 6 2020 by PYMNTS


Retail must, and will, change following the coronavirus, with consumer behavior shifting from brick-and-mortar to eCommerce and merchants making adjustments to their inventory selections and safety measures. Gap Inc., in one case, intends to have fabric face masks on offer, such as a pack of two that was available on its website for $10, when it reopens its stores. The retailer intends to open its approximately 800 North American retail locations again in May.

Its locations will have shields at checkout as well as signs reminding shoppers to adhere to social distancing rules along with regular store cleanings. Also, every store will have a table at the front with hand sanitizer. Gap’s planned reopening comes as other retailers, such as Macy’s Inc., started bringing their brick-and-mortar locations back online last week. The Wall Street Journal notes that the process is complex, as every geography has its own rules and it’s not known how enthusiastic shoppers will be to go back to stores, among other venues.

PYMNTS’ national survey of consumers, which encompasses over 10,000 people now, has continuously found that the availability of a vaccine that will alleviate their fear of dying is the only thing that will provide real confidence to consumers when it comes to returning to their daily routines.

Retail predictive analytics company, First Insight CEO Greg Petro said in a past report, “As retail visits expand past essential retail like grocery and drug stores, other retailers, and malls in particular, need to be thinking of ways to inspire a sense of safety for consumers, and it will need to go beyond offering gloves and masks at the door.” Petro continued, “It’s also likely that retailers will see more men in-store than women, and they should consider adjusting inventory to target these shoppers.”

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