Baby Boomers Are Coming to Resale, Answering Gen Z’s Demand for Vintage

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Resale has become a mainstream part of the fashion industry, but shoppers of different age groups are engaging with the model in different ways.

According to data provided by several resale companies, there has been a generational exchange happening on their platforms, particularly in the last year. Older users are selling the clothes they’ve collected over the years, and younger users are buying them up. According to January data from The RealReal, more than half of its sellers in 2021 were Gen X or older, or at least 42 years old. 

“When we unpack the trends among our 24 million-plus members who are driving the year’s greatest value gains, they connect back to the handoff happening between generations,” said Rati Sahi Levesque, president of The RealReal.


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