Exhibitors at NRF's Big Show on The Trends That Will Shape the Year Ahead

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Going into the new year after the retail-pocalypse that wasn’t, industry professionals at NRF 2019 are excited to see the positive momentum from 2018 carry over.

Several pointed out Target’s excellent record in both online and in-store sales, and others emphasized the importance of balancing AI and good old-fashioned manpower in the quest to optimize the supply chain.

Here, exhibitors share their predictions for what will drive retail in 2019.


“Amazon lets the data make the decision. Traditional retailers aren’t going to get totally there in 2019, but we’re going to get closer to seeing data take control. If you think about the consumer packaged goods world, the Proctor and Gambles, the Kimberly Clarks—those companies would never bring a product to market without getting customer data. In retail, we’re finally getting to the point where that mindset holds true.”

—Jim Shea, chief commercial officer of First Insight

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