Fast, transparent response to crises breeds continued brand loyalty

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Consumers care more about diversity missteps than companies think they do, with a new study finding that one in five consumers would be unwilling to forgive and forget after a controversy.

Two surveys conducted by First Insight found that while 92 percent of executives believe that customers will continue to buy from them following an offensive product, only 27 percent of customers actually said they would still shop with a brand post offense. In the wake of widespread boycotting of luxury labels over perceived offensive designs, companies should consider instituting inclusive practices to avoid future snubs by consumers (see story).

Public relations has evolved to be about more than media outreach and placements, with practitioners today managing a brand’s overall strategy and image.

The role public relations plays in the marketing ecosystem is changing, as publicity efforts become more aligned with other marketing activities and the lines between earned and paid media blur. In this altered media landscape, the skills and tools needed to effectively build and guard brands are also adapting (see story).

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