FDRA: Families Plan To Spend Same Or More On Back-to-School Shoes

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The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA), in collaboration with First Insight, conducted a survey that shows 78 percent of families plan to spend more or the same as last year on their kids’ shoes.

The survey of 691 households with kids ages elementary school to college uncovered how inflation and a potential recession could impact this year’s back-to-school shopping season, as well as the health of the footwear industry. It also explores consumer behavior shifts, including the role of social media in informing purchases.

Other key findings:

  • 63 percent of families plan to spend $75 or less per pair of shoes compared to 81 percent in last year’s survey;
  • 36 percent expect to spend at least $200 on back-to-school shoes this season, more than double last year’s rate (17 percent);
  • 67 percent of families are shopping online due to higher gas prices;
  • 61 percent plan to use social media to shop, with Facebook in the lead;
  • 21 percent of families surveyed will purchase shoes online for back-to-school; and
  • 29 percent will spend at least $300 more per month on total purchases compared to last year.


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