First Insight Acquires SnapRetail

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FINSMES Mentions First Insight | First Insight Acquires SnapRetail

First Insight, a Pittsburgh, PA-based global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) retail solutions, acquired SnapRetail, a Pittsburgh, PA-based provider of a digital marketing platform.

The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

The acquisition will enhance First Insight’s platform of store and online sales conversion programs through expanded Marketing Automation Capabilities.

SnapRetail is a digital marketing platform aimed at boosting in-store traffic and online sales programs for retailers and brands.

Led by CEO Greg Petro, First Insight is the global leader in voice of the customer retail solutions, working for business decision-making through actionable consumer insights and AI. Its platform enables retailers and brands worldwide to boost revenues and profitability by informing strategic decisions with consumer data and removing guesses and personal opinions. It delivers consumer-driven analytics across key decision areas–strategy, planning, product design, merchandising, sourcing, pricing, supply chain, marketing, and sales. Used by retailers, vertically integrated brands, mass merchant retailers and wholesalers, First Insight leads in optimizing strategy, product, pricing, planning and marketing decisions.

The SnapRetail acquisition follows the recent launch of First Insight’s MY INSIGHT mobile app, a core enhancement to the InsightSUITE platform, empowering retail decision-makers with rapid, private, and simplified assortment building and rationalization capabilities.

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