The company took on 60 new clients in 2018.

As First Insight Inc. marks a milestone of adding 60 new clients to its roster in 2018, the technology firm is rolling out five new “InsightSuite solutions” that are geared specifically for retail sectors such as footwear and fast fashion.

Among the new clients to the customer-centric merchandising platform are Under Armour and Crocs.

Greg Petro, chief executive officer of First Insight, said the number of retailers and brands who are leveraging predictive analytics and digital product testing is “a testament to the strength of our expanded platform, which applies machine learning and predictive analytics to nearly a decade of Voice of Consumer data.”

Petro added that by providing companies with the “most information and strongest recommendations on the products they are bringing to market, we are ensuring they are able to meet their customers with the right products and prices out of the gate.”

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