First Insight Launches Tinder-Like Assortment Planning App

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Sourcing Journal Mentions First Insight | First Insight Launches Tinder-Like Assortment Planning App

First Insight is using a new app to gamify the assortment selection process, it announced Thursday.

The Intradeco partner offers voice of the customer (VoC) solutions to global brands, empowering merchants to garner real-time insights about what their customer or target audience thinks, feels and prefers. 

Based on the data the firm aggregates from consumers, it provides recommendations across five decision areas—strategy and planning; design, merchandising and sourcing; pricing; supply chain and marketing and selling—through its proprietary InsightSuite

InsightSuite users provide the platform with an objective, a question they want answered or a decision they need to make. Then, they upload images of their products, marketing materials and survey questions to be shared with a panel of consumers. That panel can be developed based on a merchant’s existing audience or crafted by the market insights firm’s partners. 

Consumers provide their input through a gamified digital survey, then First Insight’s predictive analytics capabilities share information about consumers’ sentiments. 

Once the app launches, consumers won’t be the only ones who have a gamified experience with product and marketing preferences. 

Per a release from the company, the new app, called My Insight, will enable each individual member of a team to evaluate potential items for an assortment—in Tinder-like fashion. 

“Users will first personally evaluate the items they need information regarding in a personal mobile engagement. Once the user has completed their portion of the game in a simple and fun experience of swipe right or left, the app then automatically generates how they compare to target consumers,” Greg Petro, First Insight’s CEO, told Sourcing Journal. 

Once each team member has made their choices—privately and without the influence of groupthink—they can see how their selections fared against the choices of consumers who took one of InsightSuite’s gamified surveys. 

“With this data users can assess their alignment with the target consumers, making any modifications necessary during the decision-making process all in advance of group meetings, enabling… more informed decisions and collaboration with team members and leaders,” Petro said.

When a First Insight client’s team gets in a room with a retailer for a line review, they’ll have informed points of view and justifications for the selections they made for a season’s assortment, Petro noted.

“All users of the app will be able to review new assortments in advance of line review and other decision-making meetings and compare their thoughts with the target market before they come to the meeting. Having that in advance will enable less friction,” he said. “It arms them with an understanding of where their customers are in relation to them personally as they enter executive discussions to make decisions.”

The My Insight app will be available free of charge to InsightSuite in the coming months via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Petro said he expects 80 to 90 percent of existing First Insight customers to eventually download and use the app. 

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