Gen Z Contradictions: The Fast-Fashion Paradox

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The State of Consumer Spending First Insight survey found that Gen Z consumers are demanding sustainable business models. They prefer to buy sustainable brands and would even pay 10% more for it.

  • Contradiction 1: Genz Z want quality and quantity as well as exclusivity and mainstream
  • Contradiction 2: As a sustainability generation, addicted to fast fashion
  • Contradiction 3: Stardom and money come before ethical values

Confessional or educational spaces

No other generation demands more sustainable and ethical commitment from brands than Generation Z. They are expected to develop into the strongest group of buyers in the coming years, and there are high expectations in their role as the engine of positive development in the fashion industry. But perhaps this hopeful view is too one-dimensional. After all, the cohort is not only familiar with the rising threat of climate change, but also with the boom of Fast Fashion and social media grew up.

This results in a historically unique pressure: Gen Z wants to serve new trends every week and is therefore at the forefront of fast fashion consumption. A blatant contradiction to their sustainable mindset. So what exactly does Gen Z stand for? How compatible are their consumer behavior and their efforts for a healthy planet? And how can confessional and education spaces offer a way out?

Gen Z: The Sustainability Generation

That the Gen Z is considered to be particularly conscious, is no wonder: every cohort is influenced in its behavior by globally decisive events. events such as the impact of Covid-19. The Gen Z pandemic has shown not only that it is possible to produce and consume less, but also how positive it is for the environment. That doesn't mean that Corona triggered the Green Revolution - but definitely that it accelerated it. And that's exactly why Gen Z should now rewrite the rules of the game in the fashion industry and conscious consumption as the New Normal establish.



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