Lectra Delivers Fashion On Demand for the Hyper-Connected Shopper

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Bordeaux, France may be known for wine, but Lectra served up an intoxicating slate of presentations on how to capture today’s consumer at the company’s VIP Event this week.

Over two days, the technology firm presented a slew of reasons why personalization isn’t the future—it’s the present.

Peter Jeavons, general manager, Europe for predictive analytics firm First Insight, said standing still is not an option today.

“It used to be the case from a technology point of view that doing something always presented more risk than doing nothing. There is a growing belief now that it’s more risky to do nothing than to do something,” Jeavons said, adding that this is especially true in relation to keeping pace with the modern hyper-connected consumer. “If you’re not doing something and other people are, you’re falling behind.”

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