Navigating Market Disruptions Through Customer-Driven, Digital Product Development

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Executives from First Insight, Centric Software and Crocs joined WWD to discuss the state of the market, digital foundations, keeping consumers happy, and the next normal.

The latest webinar produced by WWD, “Notable Feet,” examined how customer-driven, digital product development has helped Crocs navigate market disruptions. The conversation, moderated by WWD executive editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz, featured Gretchen Jezerc, senior vice president of marketing at First Insight; Stacey Charbin, chief marketing officer at Centric Software, David Castellanos, manager product creation solutions at Crocs, and Ed Wunsch, global vice president of marketing strategy and insights at Crocs.

The goal of the discussion was to share insights on the “next normal” as it relates to everyone to come out stronger.

To help companies stay close to the consumer, retail predictive analytics company, First Insight has conducted ongoing surveys of consumers throughout the coronavirus pandemic. In recent data, First Insight has found that consumers feel the safest shopping in grocery stores.

“This certainly could be because that’s the primary type of retailer where consumers have continued to shop even during the pandemic,” said Jezerc. “Shopping malls and department stores were named by the fewest consumers as the shopping environments where they feel safe when stores reopen.”

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