New Timeline Depicts a History of COVID, Impacts on Retail, Consumer Behavior, Health & Safety

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We’ve watched the progression of the COVID crisis, and its impacts on consumer behavior at every stage, but a post-mortem (almost) review can help brands and marketers figure out where we’re heading, and how to optimize their strategy.

Experience management firm First Insight has produced a highly detailed COVID-19 timeline infographic which depicts how consumer sentiment and the retail sector were affected by wider external events such as the spread of the pandemic, government mandates, closures, stimulus checks, the rise of the Delta variant and other COVID-19-driven milestones.

The firm’s longitudinal study of more than 11,000 respondents is the only one of its kind. It started at the very beginning of the pandemic with data collected through August, 2021, as COVID-19 cases continue to rise due to the Delta variant. These studies have measured consumer sentiment around shopping in-person and online, safety precautions in-store, spending on big-ticket items, traveling, and other consumer behaviors.

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