The COVID-19 Catalyst: Emerging Stronger With Customer-Centric Digitalization

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Executives from First Insight and Wolverine Worldwide joined WWD in discussing strengthening digital foundations and thriving in the face of disruption.

The latest webinar produced by WWD, “COVID as Catalyst,” examined how companies, such as Wolverine Worldwide, are able to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever by engaging in digital transformation and voice of customer analytics. The conversation, moderated by WWD executive editor Arthur Zaczkiewicz, featured Jim Shea, chief commercial officer at First Insight, and Lindsey Goodman, director of consumer insights at Wolverine Worldwide.

The presentation included data-driven consumer trends from retail predictive analytics company First Insight and how Wolverine Worldwide is keying into the preferences of shoppers to cut sample costs and shorten lead times, among other benefits.

Over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, First Insight has continued to survey consumers to maintain insights on the ever-changing consumer sentiment. While late February surveys found consumers deprioritizing purchasing products within the accessories, footwear, apparel, home decor and home improvement categories, surveys at the end of April found consumers will be prioritizing and expect to buy items in these categories. In fact, the company’s survey found when stores reopen 54 percent of consumers expect to shop for apparel and 36 percent of consumers expect to go to in-store to shop for footwear.

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