Consumers and Retailers Agree Masks Are a Must

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Consumers’ fear is picking up again, according to new survey findings by retail predictive analytics company First Insight. The poll found that in considering where to shop, the percentage of consumers feeling unsafe in shopping malls, warehouse clubs and big-box retailers has increased since the company’s survey in late April.

Notably, a majority of women (80 percent) said they feel unsafe trying beauty products, 68 percent said they feel unsafe trying on apparel in dressing rooms, and 61 percent feeling unsafe trying on shoes. In contrast, the report found that men had shown a decrease in fear to try on apparel in dressing rooms since April, with only 46 percent saying they would not feel safe.

Consumer fear also continues to show variance between generations. While 73 percent of Baby Boomers said they do not feel safe trying on clothing in dressing rooms, only 45 percent of Millennials said the same. And Generation X’s levels of fear also decreased to 49 percent. Still, Generation Z’s sentiment of fear increased slightly.

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