Study: Retail executives, consumers not on the same page with diversity, inclusion

October 31 2019 by Home Textiles Today Staff

The two groups also offer differing view on pricing, convenience

New York – A new study shows there’s a major disconnect between senior retail executives and consumers on the impact of decisions around diversity and inclusion and as well as pricing and convenience.

Consumers and retailers tended to see different aspects of diversity and inclusion as most important, according to the report from First Insight Inc., based on a survey of more than 1,000 consumers and another of 48 retail senior-level business executives.

For instance, 54% of consumers said a chief diversity officer would benefit a company, while 75% of retail leaders said they weren’t planning such a hire.

In contrast, however, only 61% of consumers felt extended sizing was important vs. 82% of senior retail leaders. And just 44% of consumers saw the importance of brand influencers who represent diverse points of view, while 77% of senior retail executives found this important.

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