Surprise – More Shoppers Willing To Pay Full Price, Though Selectively

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Yes, consumers are expecting great deals this season, but new research suggests they’ll make exceptions for “the perfect gift.” 

A new survey from First Insight, The State of Consumer Spending: Holiday 2022reports that for the perfect gift, the willingness to pay full price is found not only among the wealthiest or oldest consumers.

Across household income breakdowns, 82% of consumers in the $200,000+ bracket, 83% between $50,000 and $199,000, and 77% with under $50,000 all report they will pay full price for gifts the recipient desires.

On a generational basis, 87% of Gen Z, 83% of Millennials, 75% of Baby Boomers, and 73% of Gen X say the same. Furthermore, 82% of men and 77% of women agree that they will pay full price to secure the right gift.

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