The Surprising Way Some Chain Restaurants Are Reacting to Inflation

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Price sensitivity isn't just being seen at the grocery check-out; it's being keenly felt at restaurants too. First Insight's May report shows that 42% are saving by making changes to their dining out habits.

It is a fact that our spending habits have changed, particularly since inflation has hit the highest it has been in more than four decades. But the lifestyle changes we've made in response to record inflation have hit the food and beverage sector particularly hard, with 53% of adults saying their eating and drinking habits have been impacted by inflation, per Morning Consult. Those changes include dropping branded goods in favor of generic or store brands, using coupons to shop and save, going to different stores in search of deals, and buying more during a sale to stock up on items they need, per Morning Consult. READ THE FULL ARTICLEat TastingTable.

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