Vegan? Recycled? Eco-Friendly? Survey Reveals the Sustainability Buzzwords Shoe Shoppers Value Most

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The Footwear Distributers and Retailers of America (FDRA) teamed with First Insight to release a 1,000-consumer shoe sustainability survey this week, centering on the factors that could drive shoppers toward greener kicks.

“Shoe companies helped us formulate this to shine a light into blind spots,” FDRA senior vice president Andy Polk said of the survey. “The results and analysis are in-depth and will help our industry focus and prioritize products, processes and efforts on what consumers care most about to better hit the mark.”

“The focus on sustainability continues to rise and accelerate in society and in retail,” said Gretchen Jezerc, First Insight senior vice president of marketing, The product decision platform’s analysis aims to help brands create products that match shopper values and use clear language that resonates with them, she added.

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