Want to Sell Luxury Watches and Jewelry to China’s Gen Z? Sustainability Is Key.

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"According to a December 2019 survey by First Insight, the majority of Gen Z consumers prefer to buy sustainable brands, and are willing to spend 10 percent more on sustainable products."

In China, opinions are mixed regarding the extent to which sustainability and environmentalism motivate the purchase decisions of Chinese Gen Zers. A 2019 survey by the consulting firm OC&C of 15,500 respondents from nine countries found that 25 percent of surveyed Gen Zers in China were more concerned by environmentally-friendly consumption, nearly double the global average of 13 percent.

However, interest in sustainable products is highly patchy among young Chinese consumers, with focus primarily on segments like food and beverage and beauty and skincare, both of which have seen numerous high-profile product-safety controversies over the past decade.

As Jessie Lee, a senior strategy consultant at OrgHive, told Jing Daily, “[Gen Z’s] shift towards conscious consumerism is mainly driven by their health concerns with safe, natural, and/or organic materials due to China’s plethora of counterfeit scandals in previous years.” Eager to burnish their sustainability credentials, a growing number of luxury brands now promote the use of recycled materials, efforts to lessen their carbon footprint, or their general environmental awareness in China.


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