What's the Difference Between Millennial and Baby Boomer Shoppers?

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New Research Suggests Factors Like Region and Age Group Affect How and Where Consumers Shop Online.


It's easy to think of shoppers as a one block of consumers, but it's important to remember that what shoppers want and how they behave can vary by age groups. It's true that most sales boil down to someone going to a store or ordering online, but understanding consumer preferences and expectations can help business owners create better experiences for customers. A recent survey showed that millennials and baby boomers have expectations for shopping experiences that may surprise retailers.

First Insight recently conducted a survey of 750 participants in the U.S. "to document their shopping habits, purchase behavior, discount expectations and the influences driving these purchase decisions". The study showed that discounts, online marketing and in-store deals can drive sales, though not necessarily in the way retailers may expect.

One of the more interesting takeaways from the research is that deals are more important to younger generations.

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