First Insight Adds CAPTCHA Functionality to Enhance Security and Verification Capabilities

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The addition of Google’s reCAPTCHA to consumer engagements
improves quality and authenticity of customer feedback

Pittsburgh, PA— August 23, 2023 — First Insight, Inc., a global leader in Voice of the Customer (VoC) retail decision-making solutions, proudly unveils its integration of advanced CAPTCHA technology. This move underscores the company's commitment to ensuring the utmost quality and authenticity in consumer feedback. Google’s reCAPTCHA, renowned for its efficacy, is now a standard offering for First Insight’s clientele, fortifying the integrity of consumer interactions. reCAPTCHA is used to optimize the likelihood that the respondent is a human and not a computer. This functionality adds to other data integrity checks First Insight provides.

“CAPTCHA functionality allows our clients to mitigate the threats posed by an increased use of AI, malicious bots, and identity theft,” said Greg Petro, Chief Executive Officer, First Insight. “Proactively protecting the integrity of the consumer feedback and the actionable results is always our top priority.”

Guarding against bots with CAPTCHA is one line of defense in improving results quality. However, other means are also necessary since digital survey data are subject to various sources of error, creating a well-known industry issue of “dirty data”. To cleanse the data and ensure higher quality results, First Insight also screens for repetitive comments per respondent, as well as comments exceeding a specified length. Its Risk Alert feature is unique to the industry and analyzes feedback on test items that may indicate the design or messaging is offensive, which can create a public relations nightmare if taken to market. The use of Bayesian Modeling helps screen respondents’ responses “in real time” to be used in the data set to create predictive, actionable and proven results.

First Insight empowers retailers and brands worldwide to make better decisions regarding, product, pricing, planning and marketing decisions, which in turn drive better financial outcomes. First Insight’s InsightSUITE delivers quantifiable results including, on average, a 10 – 12% increase in conversions; inventory reductions by 5 – 18%; sample cost reductions of 20 – 30%; and an ROI of 11 – 15%.

This latest announcement emphasizes the proactive and forward-thinking nature of First Insight's decision to integrate CAPTCHA, while also highlighting the company's ongoing commitment to quality and authenticity.

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