Consumers Changing Shopping Habits as Inflation Pushes up Price of Goods

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First Insight found that 30% of consumers will reduce their spending on organic and premium groceries.

WASHINGTON (TND) — Inflation is pinching budgets and changing shopping habits. Consumers are ditching brand names, freezing leftovers and getting creative to save money.

The Food Industry Association found that 86% of shoppers who are worried about rising food prices are making behavior changes.

Shoppers like Eric Hilgendorf are on a mission, driving from store to store to find the best deals.

"I have to buy them when they are on sale and only with sale fliers and I have to stock up and had to buy another freezer,” Hilgendorf said. “I check the fliers and see what is on sale this week."

Budget-busting inflation is at 8.5% and Americans are paying 8.8% more for food since last year.

Christina Micciollo from Coupon Confidants says scanning sales to decide on family meals is important.

“Buy one, get one chicken breasts. That's what we ate for dinner and even lunch. You know, food processor, chop it up, make your own chicken salad,” Micciollo said.

An Axios report said shoppers making less than $40,000 are not buying as much fresh meat and seafood, instead turning to frozen meat or canned stuff while buying more store brands.

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