‘Everybody Wins’: Inside Wolverine Worldwide's Digital Product Testing and Consumer Data Strategy

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Wolverine Worldwide, the $2 billion-plus footwear and apparel company that includes a dozen brands in its portfolio, is marrying consumer data with digital product testing in order to navigate today’s rocky landscape.

As part of this, the company is not only partnering for solutions that are expected to increase speed to market and reduce markdowns, but it's even developing its own tech solutions in order to properly improve consumer experiences during the pandemic. 

The company has structured its strategic framework upon the three legs of hindsight, insight and foresight, each leveraging the necessary experts and tools in order to triangulate data and provide a holistic view of all brands, Wolverine Worldwide's Lindsey Goodman, consumer insights director, tells CGT.

...While Wolverine Worldwide has developed its own data tracking platform, it’s also partnering in order to better leverage the potential of consumer data. The company teamed with analytics provider First Insight earlier this year to further leverage data in its product decision making process, and is integrating First Insight’s predictive analytics solution, known as Voice of the Customer, across all brands.

As data is increasingly leveraged to provide more personalized experiences, Hall expects this to take shape via new brand experiences, data-driven marketing campaigns and new product offerings that serve to surprise, delight and solve consumers’ needs.

“Previously, the industry may have often defined personalization as a highly customized product,” she notes. “While those types of programs continue to resonate with consumers, there are new and emerging use cases of leveraging what we know about consumers and their shopping behaviors to deliver more intentional messaging, features, benefits and experiences.”  

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