How Chicago retailers are using technology to help customers try on clothes during the pandemic

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(CHICAGO) COVID shuttered fitting rooms in stores throughout Illinois, but that hasn’t stopped determined shoppers or retailers for long.

They quickly realized that a physical body isn’t necessary for trying on clothing or sampling makeup: you only need a computer-generated figure. Enter the virtual fitting room, which you can find online and in-store everywhere from Macy’s to ASOS to Ulta. Pop your face or your body into the screen, and you can “try on” makeup and clothing - and even be linked with retailers offering your specific size.

...Virtual try-on rooms, biometric fittings and 3D-AI apparel solutions enable personalized and precise-fit predictions, and the solutions that succeed are the ones that enable retailers to listen to the customers while still taking into account the safety precautions, said Greg Petro, CEO and founder of First Insight, a retail predictive analytics company.

Now if only they could figure out how we can touch the clothing from our phones, we’d really never need to leave the couch. But in that case, we probably wouldn’t have any need for clothing anyway.

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