What are the chances you'll buy something on impulse during Amazon's "Prime Day?"

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Don’t press the “Buy” button.

That’s probably what your wallet is thinking.

Monday and Tuesday is Amazon’s annual “Prime Day,” an exclusive online shopping event available for Prime members only. 

Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the deals last 48 hours.

Walmart, Target, Best Buy and hundreds of other retailers are also doing their own sales to compete with the tech giant, according to RetailMeNot. But before you start stacking items in your cart, you may want to check your bank account.


Not necessarily.

While each shopper is different, most are “savvy” enough to know if they’re getting a bad deal, said Wright-Isak.

“We’ve been groomed to be consumers,” said Wright-Isak. “The more you do it [shopping], the better you get.”

In fact, you actually spend more in-person, according to a report by First Insight, a customer-centric merchandising platform: “71 percent of all shoppers surveyed spent $50 or more when shopping in-store. This compares to only 54 percent of respondents spending more than $50 when shopping online,” the report states.

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Shoppers are also more likely to add additional items to their carts in-store rather than online, according to the report.

This has to do with a variety of factors, but it mainly comes down to human behavior, according to Wright-Isak.

“There’s no substitute to the interpersonal experience of shopping,” she said.

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