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Stores may be slowly reopening across the U.S., but consumers’ readiness to shop will vary depending on the product sold. Fifty-four percent say they are ready to buy apparel in store, far ahead of those looking to buy home improvement goods (36 percent) or footwear (32 percent), according to a survey from retail predictive analytics company First Insight.

While a majority of shoppers are fine with purchasing new clothes at their favorite stores, the experience prior to buying might be fraught with anxiety. As many as 65 percent of women and 54 percent of men say they will not feel safe trying on clothes in dressing rooms, while 66 percent of women and 54 of men would not feel safe working with a sales associate.

This new data comes two weeks after another First Insight survey indicated that only 33 percent of shoppers said they would feel safe shopping in malls, while 37 percent gave the thumbs up to shopping in a department store.

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